History:  In 1973, the lowriding scene was an underground movement of guys who loved their cars and learned their lowriding know-how on the streets. The style was low and slow. In garages and alleys, cars were being lifted using hydraulics of every possible kind. Creative vatos with a little know-how and elbow grease were starting what has evolved into lowriding as we know it today. These were the outlaw days of the sport when a lowrider was known to go to extreme efforts to acquire hydraulic parts. There were no hydraulic shops to be found, but the creative lowriders survived to flourish. Even more than today, the public then looked at the lowrider as a real oddity. That reaction from the public was part of the reason that lowriders were built in the first place. The movement continued and lowriders honed their customizing skills. Some guys became so good at lifting cars and they soon gained regular customers and their lowrider hydraulic business was born.

Oldscool Majestics group picture.
Majestics Compton in the 70’s

A Majestic Beginning:  The Majestics Car Club, founded in 1973 by “The Godfather”, president Little John, had a mission statement that really reflected this new attitude toward lowriding. “It’s so people can see that not all lowriders are a bunch of kids. Many are homeowning, job holding, respectable citizens that have cars as a hobby and abide by certain by-laws set up by the members at large”. The prestigious Majestics Car Club, which now has chapters throughout the United States, began with two affiliated clubs, the Majestics-East Los Angeles, sometimes known as the “Chicano” chapter, and the Majestics-Los Angeles, considered the “Black” chapter. Majestics chapters everywhere proudly boast the membership of many races. Hollywood Boulevard and the legendary Whittier Boulevard were favorite cruise spots. Into the mid-to-late ’70s, the Majestics membership grew, especially in the Downey, California, area. In fact, a lot of people thought that the club originated in Downey, as the members from Compton, Huntington Park and Watts would gather and ride with the Downey members. Some members from this period included Ritchie Rich’s ’64 Chevy Impala. In ’79, “Blvd.” Rod broke out his nearly new Lincoln Continental riding on Zeniths, one of the first lifted Lincolns on the scene.

Compton’s On The Move: Hauncho and Gangster are members with more than 25 years each. Back in ’75, Gangster broke into the club with his ’63 Impala lifted in the front, riding on “20s” with hubcaps. In ’79 Hauncho and fellow member “Turtle”, along with others, were part of the group that rode with Downey members. In ’79 they began the Compton chapter with 15 members from Watts and Compton who enjoyed cruising everywhere possible, including Hollywood, San Diego’s Balboa Park, Pomona, Florence and Main, and many other cruising spots of the day. Gangster continues to be the driving force behind the Compton Chapter today and owned some fresh rides, including a bad ’67 Chevy Impala convertible ande a unique ’64 hardtop that goes by the name “Santana”. He shows the younger members what’s up and is a true OG rider. The Compton Majestics of today have 25+ members and are very organized. They meet every Saturday and have a no gang / no violence policy. A car must be finished and approved for admittance into the club. Prospective members must also attend eight consecutive meetings to receive a Majestics plaque. The Majestics also go for the traditional style only: Chevys, Cadillacs, Buick Regals, Olds Cutlasses and the like. The Compton Majestics are more organized than ever, an indication that they will be here for many years to come.

Majestics Compton member Gangster his Impala Santana
’64 Impala called Santana

 Majestics now:  The Majestics Car Club counts more than 1500 members. The chapters Compton, Los Angeles, Huntington Park, San Diëgo, Kansas City (KC), Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Antelope Valley (AV), San Fernando Valley (SFV), Central California, Delano, Las Vegas, Detroit, Westside Detroit, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Avondale, Glendale, Roswell, Ventura, Chicago, Central Florida, Hawaii, Canada, Japan, Amsterdam, Paris, North Carolina, Miami, Hi Desert, Daytona Beach, Inland Empire represent the driving force behind the Lowrider Movement.

Majestics members at the Lowrider Super Show Las Vegas
Majestics World Wide @ Las Vegas Lowrider Super Show